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Developer & Musician

Rainy Day

I can still clearly remember the last time it rained. The last time the sky was clouded by not quite dark grey masses and the sun was hard to find.

Taking Web Apps To The Extreme: Describing A Web Utopia

Progressive Web Apps seem to be the hottest topic in web development circles right now, and rightly so; It's a technique that offers to bridge the gap between web pages and native applications.


A tool I made while learning the basics of bass guitar, and have since expanded upon. It is an interactive diagram of where the notes, scales and chords are on guitars, ukulele and piano.


Steward is a simple project management app using the Tent protocol. The source code is available on github.

Rubiks Helper

A simple tool I made for a friend to help him solve the last face of a Rubik's Cube. The tool uses Singmaster notation.

How to make a footer with minimal CSS

Our goal is to make a footer that stay at the bottom of the page, even if the screen is not filled with content.