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Developer & Musician


An experiment in shared virtual space.

I kinda want to figure out my dreamteam of pokemon and commission several art pieces:
One of me and the whole team, and one each of me and a single pokemon out. And then use the team picture as profile background and the others as avatars.

Sadly, I can't afford to pay decently for such artwork.

(Anyone is more than welcome to copy this idea)


can we make a communist MMO? Take world of warcraft, but instead of collecting money to buy things you just have to be good enough to use equipment and maybe find materials to make it, but then you could also pass on your old equipment to people who are also working their way up.

I don't think it would take all that much of a change in terms of game play mechanics.


Instead of ActivityPub objects all having an absolute URL, they should have a relative URL, that is based on the originating actor.

That would implicitly make each actor it's own namespace (in the sense that DNS is a namespace), and allow easy(-ier) movement of actors between federated instances, by greatly decreasing potential URL breakage.

It could also lead to increased compatibility with future p2p uses of ActivityPub.


I think I'll try to collect any blog posts I find with insight and clues to good programming with the hashtag

This is the first such collected blog post:



A tool I made while learning the basics of bass guitar, and have since expanded upon. It is an interactive diagram of where the notes, scales and chords are on guitars, ukulele and piano.

Rubiks Helper

A simple tool I made for a friend to help him solve the last face of a Rubik's Cube. The tool uses Singmaster notation.