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Developer & Musician


An experiment in shared virtual space.

What if we had additional privacy levels of "trusted" and "mutuals".

Trusted would be a list of account that you've curated yourself - each time there's a follow, you get the option to add them to trusted or not.

Mutuals is kinda self-explanatory?

I don't know whether a "trusted mutuals" level would be usable.


I can't help but join in with the current "discourse" spawned by a follow-recommendation feature in the latest RC version of Mastodon.

I've seen some take it as an attempted movement towards better user retention, and talk about why people come to mastodon and why they (don't) stay.

To add my view here, I think there's fundamentally two ways of using microblogging:
• Peer-oriented
• Celebrity-oriented



I've been working on this gardening "expansion" for for quite a while now, and the central mechanic of it is crossbreeding flowers, to get new and fancy flowers in different colors.

But now I'm thinking of adding a "creative mode" a la Minecraft, where you have an unlimited number of any flower available and can place them to make a pretty garden to walk around in - without any of the game elements; just the virtual space.

Would that be desirable to you or someone you know?


I think I'll try to collect any blog posts I find with insight and clues to good programming with the hashtag

This is the first such collected blog post:



A tool I made while learning the basics of bass guitar, and have since expanded upon. It is an interactive diagram of where the notes, scales and chords are on guitars, ukulele and piano.

Rubiks Helper

A simple tool I made for a friend to help him solve the last face of a Rubik's Cube. The tool uses Singmaster notation.