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Developer & Musician


An experiment in shared virtual space.

An RPG where classes are only guidelines for effective builds, and skills are trained and require earlier skills. Kinda like a huge diablo-esque skilltree.

Also, skills aren't used directly in combat, instead skills are various martial arts-like stances, that when combined do stuff in combat.
Any action would then be going from the stance you're in, through a second stance and end in a third.

Stance A: Stand relaxed
Stance B: Stretched fist

Basic attack: A -> B -> A


Using “egalitarian“ instead of “decentralised“ to refer to a network topology without centres

I don’t like the term “decentralised” (which sucks, given how often I use it). For one thing, it’s ambiguous (see, for example, the eternal debate of whether or not to use “decentralised“ or “distributed” when you mean “no centres”). For another, it defines itself in relation to its inverse. I’m going to start using “egalitarian“ to describe the network topology where every node is equal.


Had some thoughts on how I'd design a decentral network, that I had to write down.
I put them in a gist over here:

Comments and questions are more than welcome 🙂


update: I realise I may not be prioritizing the best features first, but I kinda wanted an overview of what the city looks like in total. So I built this thing:

Y'all can't make it bigger than that square, right?

Also, the bot crashed at some point during the night (again), but it should be online now. I really should do some error handling :P



A tool I made while learning the basics of bass guitar, and have since expanded upon. It is an interactive diagram of where the notes, scales and chords are on guitars, ukulele and piano.

Rubiks Helper

A simple tool I made for a friend to help him solve the last face of a Rubik's Cube. The tool uses Singmaster notation.